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What is GOTS certification?

Today consumers are becoming more focussed on where their garments are being made and the origin of the raw materials that have been used. Sooner or later the term GOTS certified will be seen on a hangtag of an organic garment and the natural question arises – what is GOTS? “GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) […]

Oekotex – is your garment making you sick?

Consumers are now very aware of ‘greenwashing’ whereby garments are marketed as being environmentally friendly without any verification. However there is a more serious issue at stake other than just being ‘green’ – the garment must be safe. How can a consumer know if the garment is not contaminated with lead or a even carcinogenic […]

Metal contamination in garment production – a critical issue

There are many quality control issues that need to be in place to ensure a manufacturer will be able to produce a garment that not only meets the customers specification, but also the customer’s legal obligations to the end consumer. The most common legal obligation is for the garment to free from any toxic chemicals […]

Do you really know where your garments were made?

Since the collapse of Rana Plaza in 2011, consumers around the world have been shaken awake, and are now demanding to know where their garments were really made. This has put pressure back onto sourcing companies and ultimately the boardroom of garment brands to seriously review their practices and be answerable to their customers. Ethical […]

What does Organic mean?

It seems that everywhere we look there is every iteration of ‘organic’ food available. Organic coffee, organic beer, organic beef, organic vegetables of all persuasion. For most consumers, food is a very personal matter, and the difference between clean green fresh food vs processed packaged groceries is a stark contrast. Whereas the veracity of fresh […]

Diversity in the workplace – women technicians make sense

To increase diversity in the workplace should not be a matter of ticking boxes to meet some social status quota, it should be a natural occurrence within a respectful corporate culture.When the workplace environment is healthy, then opportunities flow to those of ability regardless of gender, race or creed. It is sad to say that […]