To ensure our customers have the safest supply chain possible, Elegant is certified to the following international standards.  This, in turn, gives the final customer confidence that what they are purchasing meets the highest standards possible.  Our attitude is that the supply chain can only be secure when every part is verified independently. 

There is no place in the global market for the view that "we have worked with the factory for a long time - so we think everything is all right".  That is a high risk and reckless approach given the amount of regulation that garment companies must meet, or face financial penalties.


Oekotex - control of all inputs from yarn to buttons, sewing thread etc through testing against harmful chemicals or toxins

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Full company wide audit of Elegant every year to verify compliance to international standards for Labour, Health and Safety, Ethical Business practices and Protecting the Environment.


Better Cotton Initiative Platform to promote the use of cotton grown in fair trade conditions. In this way, growers are rewarded with better prices for caring for the environment and their workers